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Client Satisfaction & Service Delivery

Phoenix team members have extensive experience conducting client satisfaction research with diverse clienteles. Our service quality/client satisfaction studies use quantitative and qualitative methods (separately or in combination). In addition, we have conducted many studies that incorporated core elements of the Common Measurements Tool (used by public institutions across Canada).

Target groups for this research have included:

  • Canadian film producers
  • Users of skills development/employment programs
  • Two-way radio license holders
  • Employment Insurance recipients
  • Canada Pension Plan/Old Age Security beneficiaries
  • Charities and other not-for-profit organizations
  • Disabled persons
  • Students
  • Aboriginal business owners
  • Trans-boundary shippers of hazardous waste
  • and many more.

As a result of this work, Phoenix has a strong understanding of service delivery within the public service context, including issues related to the many types of client groups, such as entitlement clients, fee-for-service clients, information consumers, program beneficiaries, regulatory clients, and indirect clients (served through 3rd party intermediaries).

Client Satisfaction
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