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For almost a decade, Phoenix team members were responsible for a twice-yearly survey of CEOs and senior executives, the most comprehensive study of corporate perceptions in Canada. As well, Phoenix professionals have routinely conducted business surveys for Government of Canada departments and agencies, and for many large corporations in the financial and high-tech sectors. We have undertaken dozens of qualitative research studies with senior corporate executives, which complements our extensive quantitative experience with business audiences.

This includes studies with specific, differing sub-groups of executives:

  • In their role as employers, taxpayers, energy users, consultants, subscribers, conference participants, clients, debtors, and stakeholders
  • In different function areas, such as payroll/accounting, hiring & human resources, international operations
  • Focused on different levels, from middle managers to CEOs & owners
  • Focused on specific sectors, such as filmmakers, housing, shipping, engineering, and capital leasing
  • Focused on specific sizes (e.g. micro, SMEs, large, etc.) or at different stages of business development (e.g. start-ups, mature companies)
  • Targeting Importers & exporters

In the fall of 2004, Phoenix launched a new syndicated survey of CEOs and senior executives of SMEs across Canada Corporate Connection. This twice-yearly survey focuses on perceptions of current corporate and public policy issues. Unlike traditional business studies, Corporate Connection seeks to gather the perceptions of corporate executives as opinion leaders, not as consumers. This is not a market research study. The results will be used by some of the top economic departments and agencies of the Government of Canada, as well as national associations and private companies, who are subscribers of this study.

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