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National Survey of Shippers

Subject Matter

The Canadian Industrial Transportation Association (CITA) wanted to undertake a survey among shippers. The purpose was to obtain a better understanding of a wide range of industrial transportation issues from a shipper’s perspective. The study was carried out in partnership with the Canadian Chemical Producers Association (CCPA), the Canadian Fertilizer Institute (CFI), Transport Canada, and various provincial transportation ministries.


The survey was administered using a combined methodology that included mail, fax, and telephone. In total, 321 shippers completed the survey either by mail/fax or by phone. The sample included members of the sponsoring associations as well as firms from other associations and the general business population. Eligible companies were ones that shipped goods or products either through a shipping company or through an internal shipping unit. The questionnaire included different modules that corresponded with the main modes or shipping (rail, road, sea and air).

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