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Canadian Blood System Stakeholder Research

Subject Matter

In advance of a major competitive process to renew the contract for blood products in Canada, a major pharmaceutical company wanted to undertake research with stakeholders and partners in the Canadian blood system to better understand how the company was viewed, including their performance in delivering blood products to the Canadian market. The research was designed to obtain detailed feedback on a range of issues, including top issues and concerns, assessments of the company’s performance (overall and in specific areas), potential concerns, and perceptions of emerging issues. The research was used by the company to support the preparation of their competitive proposal.


The research took the form of 30 in-depth interviews with senior executives of the Canadian Blood Services, Héma Québec, provincial governments, and national associations, as well as specialist physicians and nurses. The interviews were conducted by phone and lasted 45-60 minutes. Interviews were conducted in the language of choice of the respondent. Interviews with representatives of Héma-Québec were conducted in French, while most other interviews were done in English. In advance of the interviews, the company sent an invitation letter to all potential interviewees that described the purpose of the research, provided background information, and encouraged participation. Coinciding with the mailout of the letters, the firms personnel contacted each of the stakeholders by phone to answer any questions they might have and encourage participation.

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