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Evaluation of United Nations’ Revamped Integrated Framework

Subject Matter

The United Nations’ Integrated Framework (IF) provides trade-related technical assistance to Least Developed Countries (LDCs). This research was part of a comprehensive evaluation of the revamped Integrated Framework. The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the effectiveness of the IF as a mechanism to mainstream trade into development plans and/or poverty reduction strategies, and as a tool to deliver trade-related technical assistance. The evaluation of the IF focused on the usefulness of the overall concept, the extent of implementation of previous recommendations, as well as governance and funding issues.


This study, conducted in association with Capra International and Trade Facilitation Office Canada, consisted of a set of in-depth interviews, focus groups, and an online survey with key stakeholders. Stakeholders included foreign government representatives (from a mix of ministries), donor organizations, United Nations’ agencies, and businesses, academics and civil society officers in LDCs. All qualitative research was conducted overseas. We were responsible for the design of the research methodology and related instruments, and for providing support for the data analysis.

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