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The Phoenix

The Phoenix, a mythical creature revered by many cultures through the ages, symbolizes rebirth and rejuvenation. Originating in the mythology of ancient Egypt, the legend of the Phoenix was adopted by sun-worshipping priests as an allegory for the sun’s daily rise and set. According to tradition, the Phoenix was thought to be the size of an eagle, with crimson, gold and purple plumage – the colour of the rising sun. Only one bird was said to exist at a time and its life spanned more than 500 years. When the Phoenix felt death approaching, the brilliant bird would fly to Heliopolis – City of the Sun – build an aromatic nest and consume itself by fire. Upon its fiery demise, from the midst of the flames, a new, more magnificent Phoenix would emerge from the ashes. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Bird of Flames’, the reborn Phoenix would rise at dawn with the morning sun and spread its wings to greet the day.

The myth of the Phoenix came to represent the resurrected spirit of Osiris – a central figure of ancient Egyptian religion. Integral to the worship of Osiris was Egyptians’ belief in life after death through resurrection. This desire for immortality was inextricably linked by the Egyptians to the myth of the Phoenix. From Egypt, the symbolism of the Phoenix spread throughout the Mediterranean world of classical antiquity and beyond, including Rome, and Greece. While appropriated in myriad ways by cultures through the ages, the symbolism of the Phoenix remained unbroken. Today, the legendary Phoenix has become a universal symbol for regeneration, rebirth or renewal.

Rebirth and rejuvenation is something that effective public opinion research helps clients achieve for their own policies, programs, communications and services. The Phoenix promise is to bring insight and innovation to client-sponsored opinion research as a means of generating exceptionally reliable data and analysis, complemented by strategic interpretation and actionable advice.

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