Our Services

Phoenix SPI provides clients with integrated solutions that deliver exceptionally complete and accurate results. We offer surveys, focus groups, and interviews, as well as data analytics, consulting and more.


Phoenix SPI designs and administers custom surveys that meet the unique needs of each of our clients. We offer a range of options, including telephone, mobile, online, panel, mail, and intercept surveys. Our experience includes surveys with the general public and different sub-segments of it, such as youth, seniors, and new Canadians, as well as surveys with specialized populations, such as business executives, smokers and vapers, employers and employees, and medical professionals.

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Data Analytics

When descriptive statistics don’t provide the level of insight required, Phoenix SPI uses advanced analytical techniques on your data sets. The multivariate techniques we use can—for example—uncover drivers of satisfaction for client surveys, segment a population based on similar characteristics for marketing, or help understand what people value most in products or services for business planning.

icon Focus Groups

Understanding the why and the how often requires qualitative research. Phoenix SPI offers in-person and online focus groups, as well as online discussion boards. We oversee recruitment of the research participants, schedule facilities, and moderate or facilitate the groups, in addition to analyzing the data for insights and writing the research report.

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In-Depth Interviews

Do you have a heterogenous audience, or one that is exceptionally difficult to reach? One-on-one interviews might be the best method of data collection for your organization’s research needs. These interviews can be conducted in-person, by telephone, or even online.

Click here for a breakdown of the types of audiences we have conducted research with.

icon Design and Interpretation

Maybe your organization doesn’t need data collection, or you have already collected the data. Phoenix SPI can help! Our team can design the research tools you’ll need, or we can take a fresh look at existing data for additional insights.

Competitive Intelligence and Environmental Scans

Does your organization need to better understand the current state of affairs for strategic purposes or before consulting with your key audiences? Our team can help. We conduct literature reviews, environmental scans, competitive analyses, and much more.

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